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Pain Relief

Pain ReliefYou’re not meant to go through your daily life suffering from chronic pain due to injury, major surgeries, or trauma. Our team at Carey Chiropractic Bobcat Physical Therapy is committed to evaluating each patient and providing them with a wellness plan to get them on the right path to a pain-free life.

No matter the cause of your pain, we can find a solution to your pain without any invasive procedures or medications. The mission of our practice is to help our patients heal and get back to their lives.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, we can help create and implement a custom pain relief plan that will help you live out a normal day. Some of the services we offer are:

Ultrasound Therapy

This type of treatment could benefit you if you have pain from sprains, scar tissue, carpal tunnel, and osteoarthritis.

Thermal and mechanical ultrasound therapy utilize sound waves to penetrate soft tissues. The thermal ultrasound therapy causes small vibrations in the deep tissue that increases heat and friction, encouraging the healing process by increasing the metabolism. Similarly, mechanical ultrasound therapy utilizes the pulses caused by sound waves to get into the deep tissues, triggering a warming effect and reducing any swelling and pain.


E-stim is great for those recovering from a stroke, injury, or pain caused by fibromyalgia. This technique will send mild electrical pulses into skin and tissues that stimulates your injured muscles. Those who have used this type of treatment have noted quick recovery and fast relief from painful symptoms.

Laser Therapy

The K-Laser Class IV therapeutic lasers send out wavelengths of laser light, delivering a therapeutic reaction to inflamed muscles and tissue. It helps reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and heal tissues. The laser energy increases the circulation around the damaged tissues, bringing water, nutrients, and oxygen to the injured area. Patients experience relief as the muscles and tissues return to their normal state.

Mechanical Traction

Mechanical traction relieves pressure on your spine and will help with pain from spasms, sprains, and joints. If you have pain in your back caused by pinched nerves, sciatica, or herniated disks, mechanical traction therapy may be the solution for you. It is another form of decompression therapy where a physical therapist will use a gentle touch to stretch the head away from the neck, relieving pressure and removing pain.

Cervical and Lumbar Decompression

If you are experiencing lower back or neck pain, a physical therapist may recommend cervical and lumbar decompression. It is a great alternative to invasive procedures and medication.

During this process, your healthcare professional will use equipment to gently stretch your spine, increasing circulation to injured areas along your spine, neck, and back. These treatments are used on patients when normal adjustments aren’t providing enough relief and can have long-term benefits.

Casey Chiropractic Bobcat Physical Therapy Can Help You

No matter what type of pain you’re experiencing, our team can help find a pain relief plan that works for you. With decades of experience, we’re dedicated to helping our patients live pain-free lives.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact our office at (740) 593-5511.