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Athens Auto Injury Treatment and Recovery

Chiropractic care – an ideal treatment for an auto injury in Athens.

Auto injuries aren’t always easy to treat. Many people seek relief from their physicians without results. After regular chiropractic treatments, though, they notice significant improvements in their pain levels and range of motion.

Why Chiropractic Treatment is Ideal If You’ve Experienced an Auto Injury

People involved in auto accidents often experience soft tissue injuries, the most common of which is whiplash. These injuries are notoriously difficult to treat.

Your general physician can recommend physical therapy and prescribe painkillers, but good results aren’t guaranteed. You may find that your pain persists no matter how many times you see your doctor.

Another concern is that it’s so easy to become dependent on and even addicted to prescription painkillers.

Patients who see a chiropractor for auto injury treatment, though, often notice significant improvements in their symptoms. Their pain is reduced – often within a short treatment period. Their range of motion and flexibility are restored as well.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care in Athens for an Auto Injury

Soft tissue damage during an accident can range from muscle strain to tiny tears in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Inflammation and scar tissue build-up are the body’s natural responses to trauma. Both responses can cause pain and stiffness.

After an auto accident, you can experience pain in your neck or lower back. However, the pain isn’t necessarily caused by injuries in both areas. For example, if you have whiplash, the inflammation and scar tissue build-up in your neck can irritate nerves that run throughout the body. Therefore, you might experience lower back pain without actually injuring the lower back.

Your Athens chiropractor will evaluate your symptoms and perform diagnostic testing. From the information they gather, they’ll be able to create a custom treatment plan.

Your treatment plan can include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments: Realignment of the spine is necessary to reduce muscle tension and pain.
  • Massage therapy: Your massage therapist can help relax the muscles and break up scar tissue.
  • Spinal decompression: If you end up with nerve compression after an accident, traction can take the pressure off your nerves and ease your pain almost immediately.

Carey Chiropractic Bobcat Physical Therapy – Determined to Find the Best Treatment for You

Dr. Paul Carey knows there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to care after an auto injury. Based on your physical and physiological makeup, as well as the injury itself, the treatment you need can vary completely from that of another auto injury patient.

Because of that, Dr. Carey and his team stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques. This allows them to offer various therapeutic modalities that promote fast, thorough healing. And the faster you heal, the more mobile you’ll be and the less pain you’ll have after an auto injury in Athens.

Do you suffer from chronic pain after an accident? Contact our team at 740-593-5511 to schedule an auto injury evaluation.