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Physical Therapy Before and After Knee Replacement for a Better Outcome

Written By Carey Chiropractic Bobcat Physical Therapy on June 1, 2020

Physical TherapyIf you need knee replacement surgery, you’re probably experiencing some mixed emotions. 

On one hand, you’re relieved your pain will be significantly reduced – or even eliminated. On the other hand, you’re anxious. No one likes going through surgery. Plus, you might be worried about the healing process. 

Fortunately, your Athens chiropractor can help by prescribing physical therapy both before and after surgery. 

Why You Should Have Physical Therapy Before and After Knee Replacement 

Sitting, standing, twisting, squatting, walking – it seems like everything can aggravate a chronic knee condition. 

In some cases, the damage to the knee is so severe that surgery is indicated. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from physical therapy (PT). You’ll definitely need it to recover from your knee replacement surgery. 

After your surgery, specialized exercises are needed to help you rebuild the strength of your leg muscles. Additionally, scar tissue will start to form after surgery. It’s the body’s natural response, but if the excess tissue isn’t broken up with exercises, you’ll end up with limited range of motion and flexibility. 

Physical Therapy Before Knee Replacement Surgery 

A 2016 study found that patients who had PT post-surgery noticed gains in mobility. 

But what about getting PT treatments before surgery? More studies are needed, but a 2010 study found that PT after knee surgery was not enough. While it can help restore some range of motion and muscle strength, patients are still severely limited in these areas for months after surgery. 

The study found that more aggressive rehabilitation was needed. Physical therapy before surgery could help speed the recovery process. 

Meet Your Athens Physical Therapy Team

Carey Chiropractic is home to two experienced, dedicated physical therapists: Sharon Walker and Jen O'Brien. Between them, they have nearly 30 years of experience. 

Besides providing therapy specific to your knee replacement needs, Dr. Paul Carey can evaluate you for additional treatments. Apart from his chiropractic training, he’s also received training in rehabilitation. He can evaluate your symptoms and see if other treatments – like spinal adjustments and laser therapy – will benefit the health of your knee and your whole body.

Ready to start the healing process? Our physical therapists are now taking new patients. Contact our office at 740-593-5511 to schedule an appointment.

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